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Anytime Data

Anytime Data is the data quota allocated to you in your package which you can use at any time, day or night

Ex- In a situation where you have consumed your Night Time Data completely and continue to use the Internet, your Internet speed will not reduce. * If you have data balance available under Anytime Data ,that capacity will be drawn - automatically on to the Night Time Data by allowing you to use your Internet connection without a speed drop. However, this will deduct from the Data available for you to use during day time. Please note that, Anytime Data cannot be used during night time (12:00 midnight to 8:00 a.m.) until your pre-allocated Night Time Data is completely used. Under any circumstances, the Night Time Data cannot be used during day time.

* Only if you have capacity left under Anytime Data

Night Time Data

Night Time Data is the data quota allocated to you in your package which you can use only during the night. (Time between 12:00 midnight to 8:00 am) You cannot use this data during the- day time (Between 8:00am- 12:00 midnight)

What happens if I finished using my Night Time Data?

Once the Night Time Data is consumed, usage between 12:00 midnight and 8:00am will be consumed from the Anytime Data or Data Extension (if extra Data is purchased)

What is Speed check limit?

Based on the rental of your package, a certain amount of data has been allocated for you to experience High Speed Broadband with burst speed up to 40Mbps. When you exceed your Anytime Data allocation (once you reach your speed check limit), the speed of your connection will get throttled. However, you can continue using the service at lower speeds without being charged for additional data used or getting disconnected

What can I do when I reach my speed check limit?

If you are running out of data you can easily request for add on data via SMS, Web and Self-care App at any time.

TThere are 4 types of Add-Ons. You can add any number of add-ons to your connection

  • 1GB Data Extension for Rs. 100.00 + tax
  • 5GB Data Extension for Rs. 400.00 + tax
  • 10GB Data Extension for Rs. 750.00 + tax
  • 15GB Data Extension for Rs. 1000.00 + tax

Adding data via SMS

1GB : BB <space> 1More<space> Home Broadband Number
5GB : BB <space> 5More <space> Home Broadband Number
10GB : BB <space> 10More <space> Home Broadband Number
15GB : BB <space> 15More <space> Home Broadband Number

From your Dialog Mobile : Send to 678
From other Mobile Networks : Send to 0777678678

Adding data via self-care app

Step 1: Select data usage
Step 2: Select “Extend”
Step 3: select the package you want to extend and select Activate

How can I check my Dialog Home Broadband usage?

You can easily check your usage amount of your Dialog Home Broadband connection via SMS, Self-care App or via the Web

BB <space> Usage <space> <Home Broadband Number> and SMS to 678

Via Self-care App
Step 1: Login to Self-care app on your Dialog mobile and Select Home Broadband
Step 2: Select Data usage
Step 3: Anytime Data , Night time Data, Add-On Data and usage can be seen

Via Web/My Account
Step 1: Log onto and select my account.
Step 2: Select your home broadband number in dropdown

At any given time, data usage entries indicated in the usage record history may not be the actual and latest information. As the system reports data usage in 300MB blocks, some of the usage records (sessions less than 300MB) may be still in - queue, awaiting to accumulate - 300MB to report. However, sessions less than 300MB will appear in the usage record history if the customer’s router enters into a power re-circle or rebooting during usage. A Router restart will trigger the system to send usage records to usage record history without waiting for the 300MB block to complete.
By manually restarting (switching off and switching on again) the router customers can obtain latest usage details

There is a usage record in my usage record history. But I have not used Internet during the said period as appeared in the usage record history

System will update data usage records in 300MB blocks. If your previous usage session is less than 300MB, current session will not appear until the system receives data to fill 300MB block. Once this 300MB block is complete, it will appear in the usage record history. During this process when updating the entry, the system will use the time and the date where 300MB block is completed in full. However, sessions with less than 300MB can appear in the usage record history if the customer happens to restart - the router intentionally or unintentionally (power failure/router switched-off)

I have used the Internet but my session was not indicated in the usage record history

If your session ends prematurely before completing 300MB block, the system will wait until it receives data to complete 300MB block to display. As explained in Q1 above, no usage record will appear in usage record history until the current block reaches 300MB.

In addition to 300MB blocks, I have some entries in my usage record history with less than 300MB blocks. i.e: 168.34MB. If the system report in 300MB blocks how does it happen?

This happens in situations where the customer’s router enters in to a Power reset or reboot during usage. Router restart will trigger the system to send usage records to usage record history without waiting for a 300MB block to complete. This will indicate the usage details of the last session based on current records and not in complete 300MB blocks.

I have used the Internet at 3:00 a.m. , during the period known as Night Time. But my data usage record shows a data usage from my Anytime Data which starts only after 8:00 a.m. What would be the reason?

  • If the Night Time data bundle is fully consumed, any usage from 12:00 midnight to 8 a.m. will be deducted from your available Anytime Data.
  • Or, you still have capacity remaining in your Night Time Data, but Anytime Data usage of the previous day hasn’t been updated as the session ended before reaching 300MB , it will be updated at the end of the session. Hence you would see usage in the Anytime Data usage.

I used the internet at night continuously - (i.e. from 11:30 p.m. till 1:00 a.m.) but my Anytime Data usage (11:30 p.m. – 12:00 midnight) cannot be seen on the data usage record.

If the usage from 11.30 p.m. -12:00 midnight is less than 300MB it will only be recorded at the point of when the session gets disconnected - (i.e. when the device is switched off). However, it will be deducted from the correct Data quota. The usage from 11.30 p.m. -12:00 midnight will be from the Anytime Data and the usage between 12:00 midnight- 1 a.m. will be from the - Night Time Data.

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