The Dialog Video Conferencing Data Plan provides more data at a very low price for customers who use collaboration tools (i.e. video conferencing) for purposes of Working from Home & Learning from Home. This pack allows use of the following applications;
  • Microsoft Office 365 package including Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
The purpose of introducing this plans is to provide a worry-free video conferencing experience at a very low price, as a solution for employees and students who worry about heavy data consumption while using MS Teams and Zoom for remote working & learning.

This is available for
- Mobile Prepaid -> As a sachet which can be activated as and when the customer wants i.e. it is not a recurrent / auto renewal plan
- Mobile Postpaid -> Recurrent plan i.e. the plan gets auto renewed every month

Note: Only the Rs.540 postpaid plan is available for Dialog Mobile customers who are using the Postpaid Unlimited Data Plans with an FUP (Fair User Policy). If a customer wishes to activate Rs.165 plan, then the customer needs to first deactivate the Postpaid Unlimited Data Plan (FUP) by typing “OFF IBB” & SMS it to 678.

Yes, similar plans are available for Dialog Home Broadband. A comparison of Dialog Mobile & Dialog Home Broadband are as follows;

  Dialog Mobile Dialog Home Broadband
Price Including Tax 165 540 220 540
Price Excluding Tax 150 490 200 490
Data Quota for Microsoft Office 365 package & Zoom 25GB Unlimited
(optimized for mobile at 1.25Mbps)
30GB Unlimited
Available as Anytime Available as Anytime
Extra Usage charges Rs 0.3 per MB Rs 0.1 per MB

This plan is available for Dialog Mobile 4G customers only, i.e. customers using a 4G enabled mobile phone, tab or dongle those who also use a 4G SIM.

It is always recommended to check the 4G compatibility of the device and SIM before activating this plan. Customers can Type 4G READY & SMS to 678 to check the 4G compatibility of the device and SIM.

Note: Dialog uses International Mobile Equipment Identity Database (GSMA IMEI Db) which is a global central database containing basic information on the serial numbers (IMEI), and ranges of millions of mobile devices (e.g. mobile phones, laptop data cards, etc.) used across the globe. There could be instances where a device is 4G compatible but it is not recognized as 4G by Dialog. This is when a device manufacturer has not updated the 4G network band to GSMA IMEI Database.

If a Prepaid or a Postpaid customer activates the Video Conference Plan without having a 4G handset and a 4G SIM, he will not be eligible for the Video Conference Plan and the reloaded amount will be added to the prepaid account as a cash reload.

Once activated, you may use this package on both 3G & 4G networks without any additional data charges for the specified video conference applications.

The 25GB plan doesn’t have a speed restriction. However, the Unlimited plan is optimized for a mobile screen with a speed of 1.25Mbps (SD quality). This is sufficient even for a group video conference call on mobile

You can dial #678# and select Mobile Data Plans > Video Conferencing Plans > Disable SD Quality (Charged Mode) > Activate

Then you will be able to temporarily access video conferencing applications without any speed restriction and data will be consumed from any other data quota or standard data charges would be applicable.

This feature is offered free of charge.

Once activated, this will be active until the customer deactivates it using the USSD menu. For Prepaid customers, if the feature is not deactivated it will be valid till the package validity period expires.

To deactivate the above feature (return to the Video Conferencing Plans at SD quality), the customer should follow the below steps;
Dial #678# and select Mobile Data Plans > Video Conferencing Plans > Disable SD Quality (Charged Mode) > Deactivate

Note: - The above service is applicable for only Rs.540 plans (Unlimited Video Conference Plan)

Yes, it is possible. However, in the Unlimited Plan the quality may degrade if more than one device is connected, hence it is recommended to use the plan with one device.

No. We have enabled this package for MS teams & Zoom only

Microsoft Office 365 including Microsoft Teams and Zoom data will be consumed from these plans. However, it is recommended to have a separate data quota to support any background applications which are required to use Microsoft Office 365 including Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Dialog has not applied any usage limitation on the Unlimited Plan.

However, if we identify abnormal usage behavior that may impact the experience of majority of the other users, we may apply controls on such users

We will soon make the plan available for activation through the MyDialog app as well


These are Add-on plans, thus any customer with a primary / base voice or data plan on their mobile can activate this package.

Data Only customers cannot activate this plan as their base plan, however this plan can be activated as an add-on to the primary / base package of the data only customer.

To check the data usage of the “Data Quota for Work & Learn”;

  • Mobile Postpaid -> MyDialog App
  • Mobile Prepaid -> MyDialog App or by SMS. (Type ‘MyUse’ and send to 678)

  • For Prepaid customers the plan will expire after 30 days.
  • Mobile Postpaid customers can deactivate the plan by dialing #678# or via SMS. (Type OFF<space>VC & SMS to 678)

Prorated rental will be charged based on the number of days remaining in the billing cycle

  • Video Conference Quota
  • Night Time Bonus quota (12 am to 8 am)
  • Data Quota for Work & Learn
  • 4G bonus
  • Anytime Data

It will first consume data from the Time-Based Data Plan i.e. the Time-Based plan is given higher priority over the “Data Quota for Video conference quota”. This is only applicable for the Rs.165 plan, however if a customer activates the Rs.540 Unlimited Video conference plan with the Time-Based Data Plan then the Video Conference quota will be prioritized over the time based plan, since the Rs.540 Video Conferencing plan is unlimited.