insurance for COVI-19

This Hospitalization Support Plan has been designed by Fairfirst Insurance Limited, exclusively for Dialog Customers. The insurance cover will provide financial assistance upon admission to a hospital and you will receive the pay-out from the first night of admission in hospital up to a maximum of 30 nights within a year.

In addition to above, for the 1st time in Sri Lanka customers who have registered with Hospitalization Support Plan will have an extra Dengue Cover without any additional charge. This benefit is applicable for both existing and new customers. With the Dengue Cover, customer will receive up to Rs. 12,500/-* cash benefit upon being diagnosed with dengue and it is mandatory to get hospitalized to get the benefit.

Dialog aims at providing financial support to policyholders who suffer some form of income loss due to hospitalization. Accessible to all Dialog customers, the basic insurance policy is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers but will cover only the policyholder and not his/her dependents. Through our Family Hospitalization Support Plan you can cover your spouse and up to 3 children (only available for postpaid customers).

COVID-19 Coverage (Pandemic Cover)

Hospitalization claims due to COVID-19 is covered up to the limits specified in the following table.
Note – Admission to a Hospital is mandatory to be eligible for the claim.

Plan Daily Allowance Per night spent Max. Limit Per Annum
Hospital Basic LKR. 1,200.00 10,000.00
Hospital Silver LKR. 4,000.00 12,000.00
Hospital Gold LKR. 6,500.00 14,000.00

*Standard Policy terms & conditions apply.


Pricing for the basic Hospitalization Support Plan (excluding taxes)

For all prepaid customers Daily rental of Rs.4.30
For all postpaid customers Monthly charge of Rs.129.00

Pricing for the Family Hospitalization Support Plan - for postpaid customers only (excluding taxes)

Plan Monthly Rental
Plan Monthly Rental
Hospital Basic – individual cover 129.00 Hospital Basic with 3 children 324.47
Hospital Silver – individual cover 360.00 Hospital Silver with 3 children 927.54
Hospital Gold – individual cover 560.00 Hospital Gold with 3 children 1,460.65
Hospital Basic with spouse 213.70 Hospital Basic with spouse & 1 child 278.86
Hospital Silver with spouse 599.11 Hospital Silver with spouse & 1 child 788.29
Hospital Gold with spouse 934.64 Hospital Gold with spouse & 1 child 1,234.86
Hospital Basic with 1 
194.16 Hospital Basic with spouse & 2 children 344.02
Hospital Silver with 1 
549.18 Hospital Silver with spouse & 2 children 977.47
Hospital Gold with 1 
860.22 Hospital Gold with spouse & 2 children 1,535.07
Hospital Basic with 2 children 259.32 Hospital Basic with spouse & 3 children 409.18
Hospital Silver with 2 children 738.36 Hospital Silver with spouse & 3 children 1,166.65
Hospital Gold with 2 children  1,160.43 Hospital Gold with spouse & 3 children 1,835.29

*Please refer the Terms and Conditions related to the Dengue Cover in the FAQs section.

  • Applicable for children between the ages of 3 and 18.
    Charges are applicable from the day of registration.
    • Charges for the month of registration
      Postpaid – Total charge for the month will apply from the day the customer registers for the service, and upon successful deduction, they are eligible for the full cover for the next.

      Prepaid - proportionate charging will be applicable for prepaid customers, according to the date they register. The cover will be calculated proportionately, according to the number of dates that customer has charged. The monthly amount is required to be fully deducted to be entitled to the total cover amount and if the monthly amount is partially deducted, the customer will be entitled to only a partial amount for the month. For more information, please refer the Terms and Conditions document.
      Note – for prepaid customers, daily rental is not charged if the recharge is made via data recharge cards. The applicable daily rental will be deducted via normal recharge cards or reloads only.
  • Customers will receive a monthly SMS stating the cover amount applicable for that month.

To register, dial #107*1#
For claims and more information, call 444

Benefit Commencement

Commencement of benefits begin upon full payment of the first month’s premium. Once this is fully paid, the policyholder is entitled to benefits from the first day of the following month. The insurance cover is automatically renewed if the subscriber successfully deducts the premium in any given month.

Additional Details


  • Insurance Provider for Hospitalization Support Plan – Fairfirst Insurance Limited.
  • Applicable for individuals aged between 18 and 64 years
  • Registered customers may claim till the age of 65
  • The cover can be activated for the user of the mobile connection.
  • For claims, the details of the Insured provided by the customer at the point of registration will be considered.

Terms and Conditions
English [PDF]

Visit Life Cover and Accident Cover for more information on coverage of COVID-19.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Hospitalization claims due to COVID-19 is covered up to the limit of your registered policy.

Note – Admission to a Hospital is mandatory to be eligible for the claim.

The benefit cover pays the amount according to the cover selected by the customer. The Basic Cover pays an amount of Rs. 1,200.00 per night from the first night onwards, up to a maximum of 30 nights.
The Company shall not be liable to pay for hospitalisation due to the following:
  • Cosmetic treatments/surgeries
  • Complications during pregnancy, childbirth or due to birth control are only covered after 09 months from enrolment with continuous payment for 09 months.
  • Claim procedure
    • Step 1 - call 444
    • Step 2 - select the preferred language
    • Step 3 - press 2 for the Dialog Per Day Insurance Service
    • Step 4 - press 2 for the Hospitalization Support Plan
    • Step 5 - press 2 for claims
    • Step 6 – your call will be transferred to a Customer Care Agent, who will assist you on claim eligibility and how to register

  • Hospitalization Cash Claim Benefit Claim Form

  • Claims are required to be initiated within 90 days of being discharged from the hospital
  • The processing of claims will commence only after receiving these documents:
    • Completed claim form
    • Copy of completed diagnosis card
    • Copy of identification document (identity card/driving license)
  • The insurance partner will pay claims within 5 working days of complete submission of forms

Daily airtime deduction renewed monthly, based on successful deduction (partial coverage depending on deduction success). If you do not have a sufficient credit balance on your prepaid phone, we will adjust the cover so that you are still covered when not fully deducted (partial paid insurance coverage* provided if complete deduction not possible).

Upon diagnosis of dengue of an Insured Person defined in the Policy, the highest of the following shall be payable:

The Dengue Cash Grant stated below or the Standard Hospital Cash Payment depending on duration of hospitalization as per scale (refer annexure 01 in Terms and Conditions), subject to compliance with all listed benefit triggers.

Monthly premium No of days covered Dengue cash grant
Rs. 50.00 to Rs. 129.00 16-30 or 31 days Rs. 12,500
Rs. 01.00 to Rs. 49.50 01 to 15 days LKR 6,250

The above will be subject to:

  • The annual limit of Rs. 36,000.00 stated under Section 1.1 of the Policy.
  • Compliance with benefit triggers stated below.
The following are mandatory to be entitled to the Dengue Cover:
  • A positive result from the NS1 Antigen Test is mandatory for registered private hospitalization (NS1 antigen report should contain the name and age of the patient)
  • Date of NS1 Antigen Test showing “positive” result for dengue should be during hospitalization or not more than 72 hours prior to time of admission to the hospital
  • Patient’s admission to hospital is mandatory
  • NS1 report is not compulsory for government hospitalization
  1. Claim documents should be submitted within 90 days of being discharged from the hospital
  2. Processing of the claim will commence only upon receipt of documents stated below:
    • Copy of the diagnosis card
    • Original report of NS1
    • Duly completed claim form
  3. All payable claims shall be settled within 5 working days upon receipt of all documents
  1. During one calendar year, not more than one Dengue Cash Grant shall be payable to any one Insured Person/Dialog subscriber.
  2. The Dengue Cash Grant shall be payable only to the Insured Person/Dialog subscriber and is not transferable.
  3. The maximum indemnity payable to any one Insured Person/Dialog subscriber during any one year shall not exceed the annual limit of 30 nights in total for the Dengue Cash Grant and hospitalization for any other disease/illness/injury.
Subject otherwise to the terms, conditions, exclusions and definitions of the Hospitalization Insurance Policy.

Step 1
Dial #107*1#

Step 2
Select ‘Register for Hospitalization Support Plan’ and provide the required details to register (customer name, NIC) and dial confirmation code #107*1#

Step 3
You will receive a welcome SMS from Dialog Hospitalization Support Plan to confirm your registration

Step 4
For prepaid customers, payments are made through daily deductions from their phone or monthly if you are a postpaid customer

Step 5
Upon hospital admission, call our customer support line on 444 and an insurance agent will assist you

Step 6
Your insurance cover will be paid out within 5 working days after you submit the completed documents

For further questions and claims, call 444