Simple and safe way of logging into websites/applications


It’s passwordless. Relieves you from the hassle of remembering multiple usernames and messy passwords.


Authentication is tied to your Mobile Phone. Makes your account more secure and harder for a hacker to gain access to your account


Your personal details are never shared with third parties without your consent. Unlike Social Login solutions with Mobile Connect, your Mobile operator is bound to safeguard your privacy. You are in control with the information that’s been shared.

How to sign up.

  • Just click on the Mobile Connect logo anywhere you see it as an option for login.
  • You can sign up simply by accepting Mobile Connect T&C during the login to a website.

Easy to use


Select mobile connect as the login option by clicking on Mobile connect logo


Enter 1(Okay) on the USSD menu which appears on your phone and send.


That’s it! You are authenticated and logged in to the website/Application


One Click Authentication

It’s even more easier to authenticate if you use mobile Data. Just click on the Mobile Connect Login button. Mobile Connect silently authenticates you from the network data. It’s a one click login experience.

Websites that use Mobile Connect