Games club is a subscription based service, where you can download & play many mobile games, once subscribed for the same.

The WAP site for the Gamesclub service:

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Game Purchase

Alternatively a game can be purchased by launching the game from the handset and selecting the Buy Games Now option from the Games Menu.

Option Price Validity
Daily Subscription Rs. 20.00 24 hours
Weekly Subscription Rs. 120.00 7 days
Pay Per Play Rs. 3.00 One game per session
Game Purchase Rs. 200.00 Per game

Frequently asked questions

There are two subscription options:

  1. Gamesclub Subscription
    A Gamesclub subscription allows you to play all the games in the Gamesclub service, for the duration of the subscription.
  2. Pay Per Play
    The Pay Per Play option allows you to play that particular game for one session. To activate a game has to be launched from the handset and the Pay Per Play option has to be selected from the In-Game menu.

To unsubscribe please visit and click on the Unsubscribe link.