Any Network 1.50 Plan

Call Rate
Rs. 1.50
SMS Rate
Rs. 0.20


  • All Calls, Any Network, Any Time of the Day at Rs. 1.50 Per Minute
  • Per Minute Charging
  • To activate simply dial #678#


Daily Rental

Daily Rental N/A

Call Charges

Incoming Free
Outgoing Rate - Voice to Any Network - Per Minute Rs. 1.50
Outgoing Rate - Video to Any Network - Per Minute Rs. 1.50

SMS Charges

International SMS Rate Rs. 5.00
SMS Rate to Any Network Rs. 0.20

Standard Data Charges

  • GPRS Rate : Rs. 1.00 per MB

Transfer between Plans

  • [USSD] #678# select <Tariff Plan Change>
  • Rs. 3.00 + tax will be charged for plan changes. *First plan change is Free of Charge.
  • Customers migrating from plans offered prior to 01.02.2016 to the 1 FOR 1 Plan, will not be able to switch back to the old plan since tariff plans offered prior to 01.02.2016, are no longer available as per common floor rates issued by TRCSL.

Applicable taxes to be added.
Prepaid Terms and Conditions [ PDF]

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