Dialog is proud to present crystal-clear clarity with Mobile HD Voice Calls, the first network in Sri Lanka to offer this cutting-edge call technology.

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Frequently asked questions

HD Voice refers to next-generation technology which offers significantly higher voice quality for calls using mobile phones providing an improved user-experience. HD Voice helps you to communicate better without any noisy interruptions by filtering background noise through advanced noise cancellation features.

HD Voice compatible devices are smart phones/devices listing "Supports WB-AMR (Wide Band – Adaptive Multi Rate) or G.722.2". In addition, both caller and receiver should have HD compatible devices and HD-enabled 3G or 2G network.

  • High-quality / Crystal clear voice call experience.
  • Eliminates the noisy environment interruptions.
  • Better understanding in the face of other impairments, such as when talkers are using a speakerphone or in the presence of background noise.
  • Easier to hear and understand while on long conference calls.
  • Easier to recognize voices, distinguish confusing sounds and understand accented speakers.