You can register and use the British Council English (BC English) service simply by SMS commands where you would receive questions which need to be replied to correctly. Depending on the current level and the amount of correct answers you send, you may be upgraded to a higher level automatically to further your educational development. Register to the service under 3 levels: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced.

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SMS : Rs. 2.00 per day
IVR : Rs. 30.00 + tax per month or Rs. 5.00 + tax per minute

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Frequently asked questions

Register to the service under 3 levels

  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Advance

This is facilitated with three types of services

  • Push SMS: General English messages such as learning tips, interesting facts, collocations, idioms, and expressions and vocabulary.
  • Pull SMS: Multiple choice questions including odd one out and gap filling. Subscribers can reply back to the preferred question.
  • Conversational English: Sending five messages based on the subscriber’s language followed with a linked question. This category is only applicable for Elementary Level.

Incoming SMS Port Details

You will receive SMS's via the below ports:

  • BC English : Daily Tips to improve your English.
  • 7447 : Get exercises based on the registered level

Below are usage commands for the service to send the SMS's as per the given port numbers.

Action Commands SMS Port
Register (Default for Elementary Level – English Language) BCE 678
Register or Level Change to Elementary BCE ELE 7447
Register or Level Change to Intermediate BCE INT 7447
Register or Level Change to Advance BCE ADV 7447
Language Change to Sinhala BCE SIN 7447
Language Change to Tamil BCE TAM 7447
Answer to Pull BCE A or BCE B
or BCE C
Answer to Conversational Pull BCE Answer 7447
Help BCE HELP 7447
Help in English BCE E 7447
Help in Sinhala BCE S 7447
Help in Tamil BCE T 7447
Deregister OFF BCE 678

Dial 555 to access through IVR