News, weather reports, cricket updates, religious services, entertainment, astrology, lottery results and a whole lot more delivered to your Dialog mobile in an instant. Just call 555 from your Dialog mobile and enjoy what the world has to offer in entertainment and knowledge.

Additional Details


555 service is available under two charging models (denoted below) and in English, Sinhala and Tamil.

  • Per Minute basis – Rs. 5.00 per minute plus taxes
  • Monthly subscription basis

Menu Options

Service  Language Charges
E S T Per Month Per Minute
News paper headlines    Rs. 50.00 Rs. 5.00
Govi puwath     Rs. 30.00 Rs. 5.00
Lottery updates     Rs. 30.00 Rs. 5.00
Cricket Commentary Service Rs. 10.00 Rs. 1.00
Sadaham Sithuvili     Rs. 30.00 Rs. 5.00
Christian scripture Readings Rs. 30.00 Rs. 5.00
Hadeeth readings Rs. 30.00 Rs. 5.00
General horoscope readings (based on star sign)     Rs. 50.00 Rs. 5.00
Personalised Horoscope Readings (by Dr Mohan Wickramasinghe)     N/A Rs. 5.00
Porondam reading service by (Dr Mohan Wickramasinghe)     Rs. 50/25 ** N/A
Sathiye Oba Horoscope service (by Bisara Chanakya)     Rs. 30.00 Rs. 5.00
Kids Portal     Rs. 50.00 Rs. 5.00
Entertainment portal   Rs. 50.00 Rs. 5.00
Womens portal     Rs. 50.00 Rs. 5.00
Sarisara N/A Rs. 5.00
Scholarship Lessons     Rs. 30.00 Rs. 5.00
Motivational Quotes     Rs. 30.00 Rs. 5.00
Art of Winning     Rs. 30.00 Rs. 5.00
British Council   Rs. 30.00 Rs. 5.00
Hindu Religious     Rs. 30.00 Rs. 5.00

* charging is based only on matchmaking areas
Initial Match Making (overall summary) Rs. 50.00 + taxes
Five main porondam in detail : Rs. 25.00 + taxes
Twenty porondam in detail : Rs. 25.00 + taxes
Kuja Dosa : Free of charge


Applicable taxes to be added

Frequently asked questions

  1. Dial 555 from your mobile
  2. Pick the service you prefer
  3. Activate by following the instructions