Redefine the concept of working in an office – receive all your Voice Mails, Video Mails, Email and Fax messages on your mobile with Pocket Office! Here is how it works: If your mobile number is 077 1 234 567, Your Voice Mail number will be 077 1 234 567 Your Video Mail number will be 077 1 234 567 Your E-mail address will be Your Fax number will be as sent via SMS notification If you choose to request for Fax, the number will be sent via SMS. Once the service is activated all you messages will be forwarded to a common mailbox. To access messages dial 771 on your mobile or visit and login to your inbox using your MyDialog MOBILE username and password.

Additional Details


  • Rs. 3.00 will be charged per minute for calls made to 771
  • Monthly rental Rs. 100.00 is charged for the fax service
  • Rs. 7.00 will be charged for each fax sent out or forwarded to external fax number from your Pocket Office Inbox

  • The fax facility is available for Dialog Postpaid Packages only.
  • Phone compatibility required to use selected facilities.
Applicable taxes to be added

Frequently asked questions

  • To configure Pocket Office on your package: Dial 771 and follow the instructions.
  • To obtain your fax number: Type FAX and send to 767. The fax number will be sent to you via SMS shortly.
  • To access your messages through your mobile: Dial 771
  • To access your messages via web: Visit Login to the portal using your MyDialog Account user name and password
  • All your important messages received via various mediums can now be received on your mobile.
  • Can also access you messages via web. You can even reply or forward the messages then and there.
  • 15 Mb of space to store messages in your web inbox.
  • Check fax messages on your mobile. You can also forward your virtual fax number to any desired fax number.
  • To read fax messages, you can visit and login to your Pocket Office web account. You can forward received fax messages to any email address at no additional cost.