Dialog SATNAV uses GPS technology to efficiently bring automated and voice supported navigation to GPS Smartphones. Dialog SATNAV is powered with detailed maps of Sri Lanka to assist navigating to and from any destination in the country varying from places of business and hotels to over 200,000 places of interest and routes across 9 provinces. The 7 day trial version of SATNAV can be downloaded FREE from dialogsatnav.com

Additional Details



The license fee is Rs. 2900.00

* Prices are inclusive of taxes.


Compatible Devices

Dialog Satnav is compatible on all Android Smartphones and tabs version 2.3 and above
(Currently unavailable on iPhones and iPads)

* Data Charges plus taxes applicable.

VAS Recommended FAQ


Registration instructions

Register application

  1. Start the application
  2. Select yes to activate the software
  3. Enter the license key (obtained using the below method) in given space and press select
  4. Your software would be activated
  5. How to obtain a SATNAV License

    1. Please type “SATNAV” and send to 678
    2. You would receive confirmation on price and method to request the License key
    3. Please reconfirm by sending “Sat Nav ok” to 678
    4. You would receive 16 digit license key via SMS
    5. Upon activation the “Sat Nav” fee would be added to your postpaid connection or deducted from your prepaid connection

New Product Features

  • Live traffic updates
  • Optimal and shortest route indication
  • More than 200, 000 points of interest around the country
  • Breakdown or Road Construction Alert
  • 3D building views
  • Voice guidance in English, Sinhala and Tamil
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Track your friends
  • Comments on the map

Installation instructions

Customers can obtain the new SatNav application by going directly to the mobile URL www.dialogsatnav.com

The trial version of SatNav can be downloaded (Data charges applicable) FREE from www.dialogsatnav.com for Android Smartphones and follow below:

  • Once application is started, please select Trial version
  • Application will request to download full MAP before proceeding. Please select YES to initiate MAP download
  • Select “Sri Lanka” from MAP list and press plus (right mark) to proceed
  • Please select “Interrupt” to monitor the visibility of the download.
  • Once the MAP is fully downloaded please proceed with using the application