2010-01-01 11:27:03

Sri Lanka’s premier telecommunications service provider, Dialog Telekom, has extended its eChannelling service to its fixed-line customer base. Dialog Fixed-Line users simply need to dial 225 to channel a doctor from the comfort of their homes or even office. eChannelling is a value-added facility offered by Dialog to its 6 million plus mobile base, and the extension of this facility to fixed-line users will increase customer satisfaction and convenience.

Dialog Fixed-Line customers can remotely book their desired doctors by dialing 225 from their phones, and the charges for this service will comprise of the doctor’s and hospital fee and the processing fee; offering a seamless hassle-free channeling process. Customers could receive the confirmation details over the phone or via SMS as desired.

Suren Goonewardena, Chief Operating Officer of Dialog Fixed Telephony and Data Services, said: “Advancements in the mobile sphere have proffered significant benefits to user experience in the telecommunications industry, and we are happy to extend such facility to the fixed-line segment. Information Communication Technology has transformed lives and how we do business, and Dialog has put Sri Lanka at the forefront of this global transition with superior technology and customer-focused innovations.”

eChanneling is a hassle free centralised doctor booking system at private hospital chains in Sri Lanka. With this service customers can remotely book their desired doctors by simply dialing 225 from their Dialog Mobile or Fixed-Line phone.

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