eZ Cash Partners Wogi to Introduce the First Mobile Money e-Voucher in Sri Lanka

March 18th, 2024         Colombo


Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya Receives GSMA Chairman's Award

In an unprecedented initiative that marks a significant milestone, eZ Cash, the no. 1 mobile wallet platform in Sri Lanka, has partnered with Wogi, a leading global rewards and incentive provider. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the corporate landscape by enabling businesses to seamlessly use eZ Cash as an e-voucher option for their valued customers.

Businesses can now seamlessly integrate eZ Cash as an e-voucher into their rewards and incentive programs, or offer it as a convenient loyalty points redemption option. This empowers businesses to effortlessly enhance their customer engagement and loyalty strategies.

This partnership introduces an unparalleled proposition for incentive payments targeted at consumers, employees, and channel partners, ushering in a new era of rewarding experiences. Positioned to set a fresh standard in the incentive payments sphere, this innovative solution empowers Sri Lankan businesses with a robust and efficient tool to drive rewards, benefits, and incentives. With a mutual commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, this collaboration promises a transformative journey for businesses seeking to elevate their incentive payment programs in Sri Lanka's dynamic market landscape.

WOGI stands at the forefront as a premier provider of incentive payments and Rewards-as-a-Service (RaaS), offering specialized solutions for consumer loyalty, employee rewards, and channel partner incentive programs. Committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, WOGI delivers state-of-the-art solutions that drive incentive-driven behavior across a wide spectrum of industries.

eZ Cash, provided by Dialog Axiata PLC, pioneers mobile money services in Sri Lanka. This innovative solution is accessible to all Dialog mobile customers, regardless of bank account status. With eZ Cash, conducted through your Dialog mobile phone, you gain the ability to perform diverse financial transactions conveniently and securely, anytime and anywhere. It empowers you with a mobile Cash Account, allowing top-ups and a wide range of cash transactions directly from your device, including withdrawals.