(Underwritten by Softlogic Life Insurance PLC)

This Per Day Insurance Life Cover Policy has been designed by Softlogic Life Insurance PLC exclusively for Dialog customers. Upon registering for the service you will be able to get a life insurance cover of up to 1 million rupees.

This service will be accessible to all Dialog customers. The basic insurance policy is available for both Prepaid & Postpaid customers and will only cover the policyholder.


Pricing for the Life Cover (Excluding taxes)

Scheme Basic Life Cover (LKR) Monthly Subscription fee* for Postpaid customers (excluding Taxest) Daily Subscription fee* for prepaid customers (excluding Taxes)
Option 1 1,000,000 300.00 10.00
Option 2 500,000 150.00 5.00
Option 3 250,000 75.00 2.50
Option 4 100,000 30.00 1.00

*Subscription Fee: Defines the amount that shall be deducted from the customer’s mobile bill. This consists of the Insurance Service Fee and Dialog Platform Service Fee.

  • Age limit:  Minimum age at entry - 18 years (age during last birthday) & Maximum age at entry - 70 years (age during next birthday). The cover ceases at 70 years old (exact).
  • Geographical limits: Worldwide.
  • The insurance cover will be ceased at the earliest of: 
    • The member reaching the cover age limit.
    • Death of the member during the term of policy.
    • Policy renewal date, if not renewed.
    • Once the Pre-Paid or Post-Paid connection has been discontinued.
    • Misrepresentation or fraud.
  • This Policy shall be governed by and interpreted according to the laws of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. After registering for the service, charges will be applicable from the first day of the following month.
  • One customer is entitled to one cover only irrespective of the number of connections that he/she has taken.
    • After registering for the service, charges will be applicable from the day that customer has registered for the service.
    • Charges for the month of registration
      Postpaid – Total charge for the month would be apply on the day that the customer get register for the service & upon successful deduction, cx is eligible for the full cover for the next month.
      Prepaid - Proportionate charging will be applicable for the prepaid customers according to the date that cx gets registered. Cover will be calculated proportionately according to the no of dates that cx has charged.
    • For Prepaid Customers, monthly amount should be fully deducted to be entitled for the total cover amount. When the monthly amount is partially deducted, the cover will be a partial amount for the month. For more information on this please refer the terms & conditions document.
    • Note – For Prepaid customers, the daily rental is not charged if the recharge is done through data recharge cards. The applicable daily rental will be deducted on normal recharge cards or reloads only. For more information regarding this, please refer to the terms & conditions of the policy document.
  • You will receive a monthly SMS stating the premium paid, and the cover amount eligible for the following month.

To register, dial #107*1#
For claims and more information, call 444

Benefit Commencement

  • Commencement of the benefit begins after the full payment of the first month’s premium.
  • Once the first month’s premium is fully paid, the policyholder is entitled to benefits from the first day of the following month. The insurance cover is automatically renewed if the subscriber successfully deducts the premium for any given month.


A lump sum amount as per the selected scheme will be payable to the nominated immediate family member* in the unfortunate event of the death of the customer.

*In this instance, an immediate family member refers to a spouse, children, parents and own siblings of the customer.


This policy excludes the risk of war (whether war be declared or not), civil war, mutiny, rioting, insurrection, rebellion, revolution or military or usurped power. In the event of the death of a member either directly or indirectly from any of the excluded risks mentioned herein, only any unearned premiums on the date of death shall be refunded.

If the member commits suicide, whether sane or insane, within one year from the date of the policy, the liability of the company shall not exceed the earned premium on the date of death.

If a death occurs during the first 90 days from the commencement date of the cover due to a pre-existing condition(s) the company shall not be liable for any claim.

A 30 day waiting period from the new member registration date will be applicable for all benefits.

This policy excludes government taxes or levies which falls under the current period or any future period.

Additional Details


Policy Document

This Policy Document is only valid for customers who activate the service after 1st August 2019

English [  PDF] | Sinhala [  PDF]

This Policy Document is only valid for existing customers

English [  PDF] | Sinhala [  PDF] | Tamil [  PDF]