Now you can convert your package from prepaid to Postpaid and vice versa while retaining your existing number. Simply visit any Dialog Customer Service Centre or dial #678# for self service.


Prepaid to postpaid

  • Per second billing / Per minute billing.
  • Standard Local Call Deposit charges would be applicable and charged from the account of the customer (whom would need to have sufficient balance applicable for opted package if change via USSD)

Walk In (Your nearest Dialog or Franchise outlet)

  • Deposit to be paid based on the selected package.
  • Rs.500.00 will be charged as a conversion fee.

USSD (#678#)

  • Select Pre to Post option
  • Select the required package
  • Based on selected Postpaid package please reload / top-op the deposit amount.
  • Conversion fee is not applicable.

Postpaid to prepaid

Walk In Only

  • Per second billing / Per minute billing
  • Rs.500/- will be charged as a conversion fee.


1. Consideration on prepaid to postpaid

  • The remaining balance in the Pre paid account will be transferred to the Post paid connection as a payment.
  • Convergence is not allowed for Home Zone and Ethera Methera connections.
  • Customer User Groups (CUG) will be removed after the package change.
  • Concerns in following services
    • Prepaid MY10 – Customer can activate Post paid MY10 and add numbers again.
    • Prepaid Double – The tag will be removed and will not be able to use this service.
    • RingIn tone – Customer will be able to continue the service, after the prepaid advance rental period is over the customer will be charged the normal postpaid rental.
    • IDD – The customer will have to keep the deposit to reconnect the IDD in postpaid.
    • Prepaid Roaming – Service will be disconnected , Customer has to obtain postpaid Roaming.
  • Connection which involves a Dual SIM, Twin SIM cannot activate Pre to Post or Post to Pre service.
  • Minimum requirement to proceed with Pre to Post conversion would be 01 month network stay (Note: This is applicable only for Pre paid to Post paid conversion.)

1.1. Per second billing

  • If the customer has already activated per second billing, free minute facility will be activated automatically after the package change.

2. Consideration on Postpaid to Prepaid

  • Outstanding on the Post paid connection.
  • The outstanding in the postpaid connection will not be transferred to the prepaid connection.
  • The customer will have to settle the outstanding before the conversion.
  • If Roaming (including SMSR) is activated in the connection the conversion will happen after 2 weeks from the requested date and the Roaming service will be deactivated on the requested date.

2.1. Single User Groups will be removed after the package change.

  • MY10 – Customer can activate and add numbers again.
  • Supplementary – Will not be available, customer can add a prepaid number as Prepaid Double

2.2. Per second billing

  • If the customer has already activated bulk free minutes after the package change per second billing will be activated upon customer request.