Roam more and worry less! You will now be sent real-time notifications, notifying you of your interim bill value and roaming usage at the following thresholds:

  • Rs 2500, Rs 5000, Rs 10k, Rs 25k, Rs 50k, Rs 100k, Rs 200k, Rs 500k, Rs 1 million


Dear Customer, this is a courtesy notification that your Roaming usage* for the current month is approximately Rs. XX.XX / and the total bill** amount for the month is approximately Rs. XX.XX /-

Roaming usage = roaming voice + roaming SMS + roaming data

Total bill = Roaming usage + local usage

Additional Information

  • The Roaming Usage Notification Service is offered free of charge.
  • This service is available for all postpaid customers.
  • If a customer does not require this notification, the customer can call the roaming hotline on +94 777999777 and the notifications will be blocked
  • Notifications are only sent via SMS. Therefore, customers who use data devices (Ex-tabs) and have not properly configured the software on the same may not receive these usage notifications.