In-line with national security and regulatory requirements, all mobile connections must be registered under the correct owner. Therefore, subscriber ownership confirmation is a legal requirement for both personal and national security. Check and verify your ownership status by simply dialling #132# on your Dialog mobile.

You can easily update the correct ownership details/documents of your mobile connection by visiting via any smartphone or laptop (camera access is required).

Why do you need to update your ownership details for the mobile connection?

  • Legal Perspective
    • As per the Subscriber registration guideline gazette reference ‘Subscriber SIM Cards Regulations No. 01 of 2019 issued under the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act, No.25 of 1991’, as amended, all mobile connections should be correctly registered under the user of the connection & ownership should be updated. Any connection with incomplete ownership details will be disconnected by the end of the year as per the TRCSL directive
  • Privacy & Data protection
    • The mobile connection is personal. It connects your everyday life and personal information to the outside world. You might have given out your number for financial correspondences, social media accounts etc.
    • Therefore, when the connection is not registered under the user’s name, we as an organization can only assist and share connection details with the registered customer of the connection.
    • Not having your connection registered under your identification number (Local–NIC number/ foreign- Passport number) will create a financial as well as social security risk. It is therefore the customer’s responsibility to ensure his/her privacy and data protection by correcting the ownership details the connection is under.

What are the documents needed to update ownership for the connection?

Sri Lankan

Connection should be registered under the NIC number. Original identification document where customer’s NIC number, face, name & address is clearly visible

  • Original identification document where customer’s NIC number, face, name & address is clearly visible
    • National Identity card
    • Driving License
    • Passport
  • Proof of Billing/ address confirmation document if providing the passport or the address on NIC/Driving License is different from the customers’ address
    • Utility bill (water, electricity, SLT) within the last 6 months
    • Active Dialog Mobile Postpaid / Dialog Television / Home Broadband connection bill
    • Any bank statement / reminder notice received to the said address within last 2 months
    • Grama Sewaka certificate

Foreign national

Connection should be registered under the passport number

  • Original passport where customer’s passport number, face, name & other details are clearly visible
  • Address of current residence (should be typed in or provided on request)

What is the procedure of updating ownership details via Dialog’s self-help method i.e. through Web portal?

  • Enter /provide mobile number that requires ownership update
  • Enter / provide OTP received to your Dialog Mobile
  • Select whether local or foreign and proceed with the identification number requested
    • Sri Lankan – NIC number
    • Foreign national – Passport number
  • Capture image of identification document
  • Capture image of address confirmation if requested / required
  • Capture a selfie / allow a picture capture of you
  • Agree to the terms & conditions, indemnity and place signature
  • Press ‘Submit’ and await confirmation of document verification request made
  • Ownership documents will be verified within a maximum of 3 working days
  • If ownership update failed /was rejected due to any reason, the relevant reason and corrective actions will be communicated via SMS
  • Dial #132#1# from your Dialog mobile to verify updated ownership details of the respective connection
    • Ensure that a clear and readable picture is updated
      • The document should be the original and not a photocopy image/ scanned image / picture on another device
      • Place the document on a flat surface with a clear background
      • Focus on the document through your camera
      • Ensure the image captured is not blurred and can be read clearly
    • What is meant by proof of billing (POB) or address confirmation document?
      • This is a document that can confirm your present address
      • Examples of instances requiring a proof of billing (POB) or address confirmation document
        • When the passport is given as the identification document
        • If the driving license provided as an identification document does not have the address
        • If present/correspondence address is different from the address on the identification document
    • Validity /acceptance of the proof of billing (POB) /address confirmation depends on
    • The name on the address confirmation document should match the name on the NIC/Driving License/Passport provided
    • The document should be within the acceptable validity period
    • Documents that can be provided as a proof of billing (POB)/ Address confirmation document
      • Utility bill (water, electricity, SLT) within the last 6 months
      • Active Dialog Mobile Postpaid / Dialog Television / Home Broadband connection bill
      • Any bank statement / reminder notice received to the said address within the last 2 months
      • Grama Sewaka certificate

Additional Details

Frequently asked questions

Dialog has identified that the ownership documents for this connection are either corrupted, incomplete or not available on the systems. Therefore, to ensure the uninterrupted connectivity of this connection, ownership details need to be updated

Simply click to update ownership details yourself

Error message


Corrective action

1. Sorry. A maximum of 5 connections are already registered under this NIC. Dial #132#4# from a mobile connection registered under the same NIC to check all the connections registered under this NIC. Visit any Dialog Customer Care Centre to disconnect any unused number.

Customer can have only a maximum of 5 active connections registered under his/her NIC

Disconnect unknown numbers registered under the NIC

Transfer connections used by other parties under their respective NIC

2. Sorry, the connection cannot be registered under this NIC as the NIC holder is underage. The customer has to be above 16 years in order to register for a prepaid mobile connection & above 18 years to register for a postpaid mobile connection.

Customer must be of legal age to register a connection under his/her NIC

a. Customer must be above 18 years to own a postpaid connection

b. Customer must be above 16 years to own a prepaid connection

No action can be taken. Connection needs to be registered under a parent / guardian until the user is of age to obtain a connection.

3. Sorry, the connection number entered cannot be registered under this NIC No. Please visit any Dialog Customer Care Centre for assistance.

Customer's NIC has been delisted (blacklisted) and cannot avail self-help & services via Dialog's digital platforms

Visit a Dialog outlet and verify why the NIC is delisted and take corrective actions accordingly.

  • Dialog will send a SMS notifying you. If you have received such a message you should update your ownership details via
  • You can also dial #132#1# on your connection and verify ownership details updated for the connection.
  • Once the request to update ownership is successfully received by Dialog, the submitted documents will be verified within 3 working days.
  • If successful, the ownership details will be updated, and this can be confirmed by dialling #132#1#
  • If the ownership update is unsuccessful, you will receive a SMS notifying you along with action that needs to be taken to correct same.