Surf more for less data

YouTube video resolution

In most instances, YouTube usage accounts for the majority of your data quota usage. A video on YouTube can be viewed at multiple qualities/resolutions (140p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, HD). The higher the quality, the higher the data consumption – as seen in the table below :

Quality Level Bitrate Threshold* (Mbps) No of MBs per Minute @ Bitrate Threshold
360p 0.7 5.25 MB / Minute
480p 1.12 8.40 MB / Minute
720p 2.5 18.75 MB / Minute
1080p 5 37.50 MB / Minute
4K 20 150 MB / Minute
*data speed required for a given video quality

When you watch a video on YouTube, it automatically selects a quality level, based on network speed. Therefore, faster data speeds result in a higher quality level being selected and higher data usage. To avoid this, manually select the quality level on your YouTube app based on the level required for your phone (as shown below).
Generally, 360p is sufficient enough for youtube streaming on most mobile phones.

  • screenshot_1

    Open the YouTube app

  • screenshot_1

    Select a Video

  • screenshot_1


  • screenshot_1


  • screenshot_1

    Select the video quality
    based on your preference


Minimise automatic Data usage

Software Updates

Turn off automatic software updates and sync.

Automatic updates of OS and apps consume a considerable amount of your mobile data without your knowledge. Simply follow the instructions below to block automatic updates. However, you can use your Night-time data for updates.

How to disable automatic downloads for iOS devices

  • Settings

  • iTunes & App Stores

  • Disable all automatic updates

How to disable automatic downloads for Android devices

  • screenshot_1

    Play Store

  • screenshot_1


  • screenshot_1


  • screenshot_1

    Auto-update apps

  • screenshot_1

    Do not auto-update apps

Note: These steps have been depicted for Android Version 5.1.1


Effectively use your data quota

Nighttime Data

Take advantage of your nighttime data quota.

Use your nighttime date quota for software updates, large file downloads and for backing up required data. This will help you effectively utilize your data package


Data Packs

Always activate a Data Pack and avoid pay per use rates

Data Packs are designed in a way that ensures a customer is given the best value via the best data rates. Mobile Data Packs include designated Day-time & Night-time data allocation.

There are a wide range of packs available for users, based on their individual needs. For Prepaid users, Data Packs are available starting from Rs.29/-. For Postpaid users, monthly rental packages start from Rs.99/-.

A user also has the option of browsing the internet without a Data Pack. This is enabled so that all users have equal access to the internet and other Data related services. Standard Data charges are Rs.1 +tax per MB when a pack has not been activated. Therefore, it is highly recommended that users activate a suitable Data Pack, in order to better manage their mobile data usage.

Activate Data Packs