The Touch Parking Card is a payment solution that works as a NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled Prepaid card that can be used to pay for your parking fees. This solution eliminates the necessity to carry cash, a burden faced by many customers. You can use the stored value in the Touch Parking Card for paying parking tickets or extending parking hours by simply dialing #444# from your Dialog Mobile or via the eZ Cash App, Sri Lanka’s first and largest mobile money and payment service.

How to Buy

The Touch Parking Card can be purchased from any Dialog Customer Care Center and or selected Touch retailer points.

The Card is priced at Rs. 200/-
(Inclusive of taxes)

How to Top-up

By visiting any Dialog Customer Care Center and or selected Touch retailer points.

Simply hand over the cash and request for a top-up.


How to Pay

You can pay for the card by 3 methods.


Touch Parking Card

  • Park your vehicle
  • Walk towards the Tenaga parking terminal
  • Select the payment option as ‘Touch’
  • Select the vehicle category
  • Enter the vehicle number plate e.g abc1234
  • Select the parking hours
  • Tap the Touch Parking Card where the Touch logo is placed
  • You will receive your parking ticket

Dialog Add to Bill

  • Dial #444# from your Dialog mobile
  • Select ‘Parking Payment’
  • Enter the terminal ID e.g. 04101
  • Select the vehicle type i.e. motor bike/three-wheeler/car/van/truck
  • Enter the license plate number e.g. abc1234
  • Enter the number of hours parked
  • Confirm

eZ Cash

  • Open the eZ Cash app
  • Select 'Tenaga Parking' from the list
  • Add vehicle type & vehicle number and save
  • Enter the terminal ID e.g. 04101
  • Select your vehicle
  • Enter the number of hours parked
  • Scan the QR on the parking terminal or enter the amount manually
  • Enter eZ Cash PIN
  • Confirm payment

Touch Parking Card will be available at Tenaga Parking enabled regions listed below

  • Galle Road – Galle Face to Wellawatta
  • Duplication Road – Kolpetty to Wellawatta

This service will be soon be available in Kotte as well.

Terms and Conditions

  • The use of the card is restricted to the authorised user.
  • The cardholder is responsible for the safe keeping of the card and shall be liable for any unauthorised or illegal use.
  • The card is not a credit, debit or charge card and cannot be transferred.

Product related queries

Please contact our Customer Care hotline on 1393

Customer complaints

Tenaga Car Parks – 0115 869551 / 0117 869551

Colombo Municipal Council – 0112 698529

Additional Details

Frequently asked questions

  • If you are using Dialog Add to Bill option, you will be charged the parking fee + 10% service charge and 17.35% taxes on service charge.
  • If you are using eZ Cash you will only be charged for the parking fee. Taxes will not apply.
  • If you are using the Parking Card you will be charged for the parking fee. Taxes will not apply.
The parking ticket needs to be purchased as soon as you park your vehicle.
The terminal ID is displayed on every parking terminal.
e.g: 04410

Motorcycle – Rs. 20/-
Motor Tricycle – Rs. 20/-
Motor Car/Dual Purpose – Rs. 50/-
Lorry/Bus/Heavy Vehicle – Rs. 70/-

Note: Inclusive of taxes

Your parking ticket will be valid for parking at any location managed by Tenaga Car Parks for the validity period.