Get Onboard and go online! Stay connected with your loved ones and keep abreast of what's happening on the ground with the UNLIMITED In-Flight Data Roaming service from Dialog, available on popular Airlines for just USD 10!

Scroll through the below frequently asked questions and find out everything you need to know about UNLIMITED In-Flight Data Roaming.

  • What is 'UNLIMITED In-Flight Data Roaming'?
    UNLIMITED In-Flight Data Roaming enables you to access unlimited Data when you are aboard a flight for just USD 10.
  • Who is eligible for this service?
    All Dialog Postpaid and Prepaid customers are eligible for this service.
  • Do I need to activate the 'UNLIMITED In-Flight Data Roaming' service on my mobile?
    No, you do not need to activate the In-flight Roaming service on your mobile, as your mobile will automatically connect to an inflight network.
  • How long is the UNLIMITED In-flight Data Roaming service valid for?
    The Unlimited In-flight Data Roaming service is valid for up to 23:59hrs according to standard Sri Lankan time.
  • On which Airlines are the UNLIMITED In-Flight Data Roaming service available?
    Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airway, Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, Thai Airways, Oman Air, British Airways and many more.

Note - You will receive an SMS once you are on board an airline which offers this service.


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