All you need to know about ViU HUB

Catch Up TV

You can watch any program that you may have missed, upto 3 days later.
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Rewind TV

The Rewind TV feature allows you to rewind, pause or fast forward your favourite moments upto 2 hours.
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Video on Demand

Access over 1000's of hours of videos on demand with easy access to international and local video content hubs such as Vinode, AXN, Sony & the HBO movie library.
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Picture in Picture

Watch two different channels on the same screen and/or switch between the channels as you wish.
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Personal Video Recording (PVR)

Pre-record the programmes you like on a USB or an external hard drive and watch it later.
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Blocking a Channel

You can block selected channels or block a channel or a specified time period with the use of a secure password and a parental control option.
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Favourite Channels

Save time and increase convenience by creating a personalised favourite channel list to watch exactly what you want.
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Uninterrupted Viewing

The ViU Hub will automatically switch to IP service during any loss of satellite signals, offering you a continuous viewing experience.
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Wi-Fi Enabled

To access Rewind TV, Catch Up TV, Video on Demand & for an uninterrupted viewing experience, your ViU Hub needs to be connected to an active Wi-Fi broadband connection.
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Dialog TV Hub Mobile App

Download the Dialog TV Hub mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to your smart device.


Watch 2 channels at the same time

Watch any LIVE TV channel on your smart device whilst watching another channel on your TV.

Earphone TV

Listen to the audio of a programme through your smart device whilst watching the picture on TV.

Remote control on the app

This feature allows you to control the ViU Hub decoder from your smart device.



How do I pair the Dialog TV Hub app with the Dialog Television ViU Hub decoder?

  • Download and install the app on to your preferred smart device.
  • Connect the smart device to the same Wi-Fi network as the Dialog Television ViU Hub decoder.
  • Open the app and select MENU – MY SETTING – select the Dialog Television ViU Hub decoder you wish to pair with and enter the password which appears on the TV screen.