No, this device is a standalone device independent from your existing Dialog Television decoder

  • Plug the device in to any HDMI port on your TV
  • Plug the supplied power supply to a power outlet and connect the device via the supplied cable
  • Switch the source of the TV to the connected HDMI port
  • The device will guide you through the setup process during the initial bootup
  • You can connect the device to any Wi-Fi connection with internet connectivity.
  • During initial setup, simply search for the desired connection and enter password to complete the Wi-Fi pairing.
  • You can also do the same later by going through the settings.

No, you can use this as an independent device without another Dialog Television connection.

Yes, as long as there is an HDMI port available

No, because laptops do not have an HDMI input. However, you may use other devices such as projectors, TVs and displays which have HDMI inputs

Yes, you can share your screen from any Android device or Chrome browser using the Chromecast function

  • The Dialog ViU Mini comes with Chromecast functions built-in
  • Therefore, you can cast content from your Android mobile or Chrome browser to the device easily
  • Simply connect both the devices to the same Wi-Fi network and use the cast button on your phone/browser to cast content to your ViU Mini
  • The remote works through Bluetooth and hence a line of sight is not necessary
  • The pairing guide will appear during the initial setup
  • If the pairing is lost, simply press and hold the ‘OK’ and ‘Back’ buttons on the remote at the same time for a few seconds, and the device will search and pair the remote again

You can ask Google Assistant to search for content, play and pause videos, show you the weather, provide directions via Google Maps or simply tell you a joke - simply press the Google Assistant button on the remote or select the option on screen

You may go to the settings and then select the factory reset option



  • The ViU Hub decoder is a hybrid decoder that connects via both satellite and Wi-Fi for OTT services.
  • The ViU Mini is a pure OTT device with Wi-Fi and has many more features including LIVE TV and Android TV features.
  • Android TV is Google’s TV platform that powers smart TVs, streaming devices, and cable operators’ set-top boxes.
  • Designed with simplicity and helpfulness in mind, Android TV features an intuitive user experience and your personal Google Assistant. Just say “Hey Google” to ask for the latest blockbusters, check the score, or dim the lights. Android TV’s comprehensive content selection includes thousands of apps including YouTube, access to 500,000+ movies and shows, live TV support, and Chromecast built-in.

Yes. 65 (Dialog TV) Channels are available.

View Channel List [PDF]

Yes. 65 (Dialog TV) Channels are available with Rewind up to 2 hours & Catch-Up up to 72 hours.

Yes. Rs.450/- + Tax monthly rental will be applicable.

LIVE TV and all Dialog VIU Video content will be FREE of Data charges on the Dialog network up to 576p video quality.

Data charges will be applicable for other services and apps.

Data charges will be applicable on Non-Dialog networks.

Data consumption is the same as watching on your mobile or laptop and depends on the actual content being watched

No, you can use it via any Wi-Fi connection

No, we do not have Netflix currently.

  • This is not mandatory, but in order to access the wide range of Google services you would require a Google account
  • If you don’t have one, you can create one through the device itself

The serial number is printed on the device itself

Yes, there is no disruption from adverse weather conditions.

No, 3D is not supported

No, PUBG was not developed for the Android TV Play Store

Terms & Conditions

  • The Live TV, Catch up TV, Rewind TV & ViU Video on demand service functions will operate without Data chargers on the Dialog Network. (Not available on Dialog Fibre Network)
  • To operate this device an active data package is required.
  • This device operates on Android TV platform which may also require certain amount of data to operate other functions.
  • If you are enlisted under another Internet service provider, data usage will be charged according to the rate specified in your plan by your provider.

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