VoWiFi is a technology that enables users to make/receive calls over Wi-Fi without the need to connect to a mobile network. Calls are made using the standard dialer, without the use of an additional application. A call on VoLTE can switch to VoWiFi when a WIFi connectivity is available, without interrupting the call. Likewise, mobile phones will switch to VoLTE (4G Voice) when Wi-Fi signals are weak, without interrupting the call.

Dialog Mobile customers who have capable devices can enjoy VoWiFi service by connecting to any Wi-Fi connection in Sri Lanka. The service will not be offered to customers who are connected to a Wi-Fi network outside the country.


To activate, follow the below mentioned steps:
  • Ensure you have a VoWiFi supported device
  • Make sure the VoWiFi calling function is set to ‘Active’ on the handset settings
  • Request to activate the service by dialing #107#

What is the eligibility criteria to use VoWiFi?

You are required to have a device that has the VoWiFi feature enabled for the Dialog network, and a 4G SIM on your device.

You need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network in Sri Lanka.

What are the device models that are compatible with VoWiFi on the Dialog network?

All Apple smartphones starting from iPhone 11 (launched after 2019)

All Huawei and Samsung high-end smartphones (launched from 2019)

*Devices bought from vendors other that the authorized sales channels may not have the feature enabled.

What are the benefits of VoWiFi?

  • Ability to make calls over any Wi-Fi network
  • Superior call quality
  • Standard call charges only
  • Call connectivity when mobile signal reception is low

What is the voice quality when using VoWiFi?

High quality voice and video calls can be made using VoWiFi. Voice quality on any Wi-Fi connection that has a Data rate above 200kbps and is good as using the 4G voice (VoLTE) function. However, the quality may degrade should the speed of the connection drop below 128kbps.

How are calls charged?

Standard local call tariffs for voice and video calling + tax will apply. Service is not allowed while outside the country and connected to a foreign Wi-Fi network since local call taxes are charged.