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At Dialog Global, our unwavering commitment is to go above and beyond to satisfy the demands of our esteemed customers. We offer innovative solutions with ultra-low latency, a diverse product portfolio, and simplified access. Explore a world of possibilities and join us in redefining connectivity.

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  • Data Centers & Colocations

    Our data centers are built for the future. Certified as one of the select 50 sovereign cloud Tier III data centers by VMWare, they embrace the latest technology with software-defined infrastructure and SSD-based all-flash storage. Flexible payment plans, multi-tenant resources, and hybrid cloud features ensure that we cater to your evolving needs. Plus, we guarantee high service availability, making us your trusted choice for secure and high-performance data centers.

  • Connectivity

    Strategically positioned as a South Asian hub, we deliver seamless and diverse connectivity solutions. Our dedication to ultra-low latency solutions, coupled with a wide-ranging product portfolio, ensures that businesses and individuals in the region and beyond experience the best in connectivity. At the core of a connected world, Dialog Global is your gateway to unparalleled connectivity.

  • Internet

    Unleash your digital potential with our global Internet services. We offer robust IP-based solutions with a focus on innovation and reliability. Secure global delivery ensures uninterrupted service, and substantial infrastructure investments meet your Internet demands. We are your trusted partner for business growth, committed to your success.

  • International Voice Services

    Experience seamless global connectivity with our International Voice Services. We offer extensive coverage, ensuring you stay connected worldwide. Competitive pricing and a flexible rating model make our services cost-effective. With 24/7 support, we are always there to assist you. Count on us for guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS), ensuring your voice communications are top-notch.

  • Roaming Services

    Explore the world worry-free with our Roaming Services. Today we are connected to over 450 operators across over 200 destinations. We also have launched 5G roaming with over 100 operators in over 50 countries, thus providing best in class service to our customers.


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