Make every room in your home
a TV room

  • Existing primary Gold package customers can now get additional Gold packages for as low as Rs. 1,250/- (+tax) per month.
  • Existing primary Diamond package customers can now get additional Diamond packages for as low as Rs. 625/- (+tax) per month.
  • Connection fee – Rs. 5,990/- Per unit
Primary Connection Standard Monthly Rental Multi Room Monthly Rental
Gold package Rs. 2,680/- (+tax) Rs. 1,250/- (+tax)
Diamond package Rs. 1,560/- (+tax) Rs. 625/- (+tax)

Important information

  • To get an additional Dialog Television connection under this offer, you are required to have an active primary connection.
  • This offer is only valid for existing Gold & Diamond packages.
  • For one (01) primary connection, a maximum of 4 additional connections can be purchased under a single NIC for the same address for installation as given for the primary connection*.
    *More than one primary connection or a dish may be required depending on the complexity of the installation.
  • In the event that the primary connection is disconnected, the additional connection installed will also be automatically disconnected.
  • The package with the higher monthly rental will be considered as the primary connection.
  • Subscription to the E-Bill facility is mandatory.
  • Number of channels and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

TRC Code: TRC/DTV/PER/19/01