A prepaid account for your postpaid connection only from Dialog! You can choose selected services to be charged on prepaid account and even recharge, on your existing postpaid plan! Activate Prepaid Services for postpaid & get maximum out of your postpaid connection.

This service is available for all Dialog Postpaid customers.

Services offered under Prepaid Services for Postpaid : Data, IDD Call/SMS, Local SMS, Local Voice Call, Credit Limit, Roaming

To activate Prepaid Services for Postpaid Packages, users must first deactivate any active Postpaid Data packages.

Activate Prepaid services for Postpaid

Option 1


Dial #678# and select option 1

Option 2

  • Local Voice: Type PRE <space> CALL & send to 678
  • Local SMS: Type PRE <space> SMS & send to 678
  • IDD services: Type PRE <space> IDD & send to 678
    (applicable for both IDD voice & IDD SMS)
  • Data Services: Type PRE <space> DATA & send to 678
  • Roaming Services: PRE ROAM & send to 678

Benefits of Prepaid Services for Postpaid

  • Select which services that needs to be charged against prepaid can easily be selected through SMS/USSD interfaces.
  • Ability to use the same number by switching to prepaid mode for a maximum of up to 5 days, if the account is disconnected upon reaching credit limit.
  • Opportunity for Dialog postpaid customers to control their spending on services, based on the real requirement.