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Dialog’s technology and digital innovation that’s bringing about transformation across Sri Lanka

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4G is the next generation network also known as Long Term Evolution (LTE). 4G means faster speeds, where Internet access, data download and upload take less time to complete through 4G enabled Smartphon es, Tabs, Laptops powered by 4G USB dongles or any device connected to a 4G Wireless router.

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For the first time in South Asia, Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka’s premier connectivity provider, has successfully demonstrated a fully standards based 5G mobile service, integrating 5G network infrastructure with a mobile 5G device.

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eSIM stands for “embedded SIM”, a programmable chip built in to the device itself. The chip can be programmed with a profile over the internet and eliminates the need to insert a SIM card in to the Phone/device to be connected to a mobile network.

The eSIM will have the ability to keep more than one profile downloaded on it depending on its memory capacity. However, only one profile can be active at a time.

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VoWiFi is a technology that enables users to make/receive calls over Wi-Fi without the need to connect to a mobile network. Calls are made using the standard dialer, without the use of an additional application. Mobile phones may switch to VoLTE (4G Voice) when Wi-Fi signals are weak, without interrupting the call. Likewise, a call on VoLTE can switch to Wi-Fi when connectivity is available, without interrupting the call.

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Enjoy crystal clear conversations

over Dialog 4G VoLTE Network

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) enable ultra-high quality voice and video calls over its 4G LTE Networks and exhibits several distinctive features including instant call set-up, HD/Near-Stereo voice quality. In addition, customers can make voice or video calls with VoLTE, whilst simultaneously using 4G LTE data. Subscribers require a LTE handset that is VoLTE capable in order to experience this service.

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