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Currently Sri Lanka supports a mobile population of over 70% of the country’s population. With this high concentration, the mobile phone has become a permanent utility of a person’s lifestyle. Exponential growth in technology with applications that support almost every aspect of daily life (Education, Health, and Entertainment) has made the mobile phone an even more important element.

Among numerous value additions to our lifestyle, there are many occasions where inappropriate usage of mobiles cause disturbances, delays and at times even tragic accidents. Hence it is important to have a guideline for mobile users to know the do's & don'ts while using the mobile phone.

Dialog through the Be Mobile Wise initiative commenced an awareness and education program on mobile safety and good etiquette to its employees, customers and the general public in 2012. The Program acknowledges and takes ownership of Dialog’s product responsibility, the potential for uniformed, unethical or unknowing misuse of mobile phones to the detriment of the user themselves, those around them, or the environment leading to value destruction.

Dialog commissioned a company of street dramatists to develop and perform a script addressing many common issues with improper or antisocial use of mobile telephones, as an accessible and entertaining medium through which to reach a wider segment of public. These performances carried out in several public locations included the world trade center, Fort and Gampaha railway stations, Fort, Nugegoda and Piliyandala Bus stops and the world trade centre plaza attracting a large number of people. Dialog reached out further to its customers by producing coffee table reading material which was distributed among the top 100 Corporate customers.

Dialog carried out internal campaigns to educate employees by carrying out similar street dramas during staff gatherings. The company also carried out a series of different competitions encouraging employees to participate awarding them with Mobile wise gift packs.

In 2013 all of Dialog’s fleet drivers signed up to the program by pledging to always use a hands free headset if they had to answer any emergency calls when they were behind the wheel.

Dialog has plans to expand this campaign further through a new revamped campaign named Be Technology Wise addressing more facets of safe use of technology options that Dialog is a service provider of.

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