DOC990 Enables Suwasevana Hospital to Venture Online

17 November 2020         Colombo



Doc990, Sri Lanka's pioneering digital health solutions service provider, announced its partnership with Suwasevana Hospital to facilitate a hassle-free channelling experience for patients in the hill city.

Powered by Dialog Axiata PLC, Doc990, an integrated mobile and online-based solution, aims to provide essential medical services to customers across Sri Lanka and is easily accessible via any device including tablets and smartphones. By way of this partnership with the Suwasevana hospital, Doc990 expanded its service offerings across Kandy to enable a safe, convenient and seamless service for patients.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this service aims at enabling Sri Lankan's with a digital solution to make appointments without physically being present, thereby empowering customers with a seamless and user-oriented method of channelling doctors and accessing medical facilities. Appointments can be made by calling 990, visiting, or via the Doc990 mobile application. Through its widening network of hospitals and medical services, Doc990 strives to make healthcare accessible and convenient for everyone in the country.