Dialog Enterprise Onboards ‘Dialog Sekur’ to Enable Safer Communication

May 18, 2021         Colombo



Dialog Sekur launched by Dialog Enterprise in partnership with the leading Swiss Secure Data Management and Cloud Communications organization GlobeX Data is a secure platform for an enterprise's communication needs. With companies actively looking to adapt to flexible work environments, enterprises face the critical challenge of choosing the most infallible protective gear for their employees and customers without compromising organizational integrity. As such, secure, reliable means of enterprise communication has become a substantial challenge with organizations being easily targeted for Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

With Dialog Sekur, enterprises will be introduced to a suite of applications, SekurMessanger, SekurMail and SekurSafe aimed at assuring the highest communication safety standards. SekurMessanger, a secure chat application, facilitates encrypted file transfers, voice messages and chat with military-grade encryption and absolutely no metadata collection. SekurMail, a secure mail client, is equipped with anti-phishing technology, SekurSend technology for ultimate privacy and unlimited file size emails along with a multitude of leak prevention and fraud detection technologies to put a company’s mind at ease when sharing sensitive emails. SekurSafe, a secure data backup and safe file share tool, is an end-to-end encrypted online storage supporting organizations within and outside to share files without compromising confidentiality.

Sekur products bring customers the most stringent security measures covering all aspects of data-at-rest, data-in-transit, and data-in-use. Incorporating privacy by design, the proprietary technology of the Sekur suite conforms to the strictest privacy laws of FADP and GDPR with military-grade encryption and with strictly no third-party integrations or metadata collection.

Information will now not be easily accessed by third parties without a company's prior knowledge, as they will not fall under the US data privacy laws such as the Patriot act, the Cybersecurity act or the Cloud act. Since all data resides in secure Swiss-based data centres, an enterprise’s information conforms to the Swiss laws of the highest standard. All data transfers occur in an encrypted tunnel from device to secure servers using the proprietary HeliX technology. The server environment is protected by the VirtualVault technology which exceeds all NIST-approved cryptographic standards by using multiple layers of encryption and employing physical servers as opposed to virtual machines adhering to high standards set by GDPR, HIPAA and other global standards. The data centre comprises a fully automated backup system in the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure.

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