Why are Mobile Numbers Recycled?

The Mobile Numbers allocated to each operator by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) is limited. TRCSL releases additional numbers only if an operator has reached high numbers in utilization (post recycling deactivated numbers in the most efficient manner).  All operators are required to abide by this limitation.

Due to the said scarcity of new numbers, all telecom service providers are required to re-issue numbers that have previously been in use and deactivated. Therefore, as the subscriber base continues to grow, it may be necessary to re-issue numbers, previously disconnected, to new customers.

Dialog currently adopts a number recycling policy endorsed by TRCSL.

What is the current number recycling policy adopted by Dialog?

  • Postpaid Connections: Postpaid connections will be recycled after one year of the connection being permanently disconnected. Permanent disconnection occurs upon the request of the customer or due to non-payment of outstanding bills.
  • Prepaid Connections: The lifecycle of a prepaid connection will be governed by the account validity period. Each connection has an account validity period which will be extended based on the validity of each recharge done up to a maximum of 365 days. If a recharge is not done before the expiry of the validity period, the connection will be permanently disconnected after a 52 day grace period.

Prepaid connections will be recycled after six months of the connection being permanently disconnected.

When a number is recycled, all customer related information with Dialog, are also made inaccessible. This includes:

  • Name and NIC details of the Previous Customer
  • Star points, eZ Cash Accounts and PIN Numbers
  • Link to My Dialog Account Profile
  • Call Forwarding Information configured
  • Call and SMS Blocking configurations
  • Retrieving past call details or detailed bills
  • Profile links to the Dialog Selfcare app
  • Subscribed services such as insurance plans

What are the mandatory steps I should take when I stop using a Mobile number?

If the customer has registered the mobile number for any external service other than Dialog services, the customer is advised to request the external service provider to change the mobile number registered to such services.

These external services include;

  • OTT chat/ VOIP Applications like Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Messenger, imo, wechat, Line etc.
  • Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc.
  • Email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, MSN etc.
  • Bank accounts and SMS/Mobile Banking Services

Please note that the above list is by no means exhaustive.

It is the responsibility of the customer to clear all links to personal profiles when he/she stops using a particular mobile number, to avoid third party access to personal information in such external applications. Dialog is not responsible for any losses arising from the mobile number not being removed from third party service providers by the user.

What should I do if my new Dialog Connection seems to be having an active profile/registration in an external application?

If the new connection you purchased has an existing profile on a third-party solution such as Whatsapp/ Viber, you can make a request to the external services/solution providers that the same be deactivated.


Telecom operators are not in a position (and are not liable in any manner whatsoever) to perform the deactivation of profiles maintained by other parties, using the mobile number since they have no visibility or control of the same.