Call Conferencing

Call conferencing is a feature built into most phones which lets you talk to more than one person at once. This is very useful for business people, families and any time you need to talk to a group. This service connects up to six people at a time (including calling party). Call conferencing is built into most phones, it’s generally as simple as making a call and then making another call through the menu.


No activation required. This service is available for both Prepaid and Postpaid connections. Service depends on phone compatibility.

How to use

You can setup a call, remove a participant, replace a participant and talk privately to one individual, all through your phone.

Setup a Call

  1. Make a call
  2. When it connects, put that call on hold,
  3. Make a new call,
  4. Now conference should appear in the phone menu, select that.
  5. Repeat as necessary

You can call conference with people that you call or people that call you. That is, you can either call everyone on your list or have them call you.


There is no additional rental or special charges. Airtime is charged as per the usual packages rates